omotus is a full service graphic design and website design agency. Our studio offers custom marketing, promotional and advertising design services to corporate as well as small businesses. We have packages in all price ranges depending on your needs so please contact us to discuss your project before looking elsewhere.

If you are looking for the best graphic design for your print and web marketing collateral view our portfolio for samples and contact We are a small home based business that offers great service and quality. - agency quality at affordable rates.

The rules of commerce have changed. Interactive technology has become an important component of successful business strategy. Omotus understands new technology, but never forgets the real purpose and power it has to communicate with your customers. Interacting with people is how a brand grows, and technology can foster this growth. Omotus  will help you find the right solution for your business.

Web Design
What could be more valuable than communicating with your clients while you're asleep? That is what the Web can do. It can provide details, sell products, and answer questions for a million customers at once. Omotus has years of Web design experience at your disposal. Omotus provide everything from interface design to search engine optimization and internet advertising, including streaming video.

Multimedia Presentations
If you have a new product or service that needs some extra attention, explanation, or education, nothing is better than an interactive presentation. We use several technologies, including Macromedia Flash, to design and develop presentations that not only communicate, but captivate, using animation, sound, and interactivity to create a unique user experience. These presentations can be used on CD-ROM, DVD, Kiosks and the Web.

Obviously, one of the most important aspects of the Web is the ability to buy and sell products and services. The Internet provides a 24/7 store at your disposal. Omotus can provide the tools you need to get your products listed, while providing the design experience to make it easy and fun for your customers. Most sites suffer the loss of 75% or more of their customers due to poor site design. Omotus will make sure they stick with it to the end.

Software Interface Design
OMOTUS can provide your software project with the highest quality human computer interface design in the industry. We will work with focus groups and your programmers to build an interface that is both beautiful and easy to use. Too many great ideas go unnoticed due to poor execution. OMOTUS will make sure your software looks as good as it functions.

Branding creates a lasting relationship between a business and its customers. A good brand helps provide direction. A great brand has the ability to inspire. At OMOTUS, we believe branding needs to consistently communicate across all mediums, so we specialize in brand development for print, interactive, and broadcast projects. We can help your business develop a brand from scratch or strengthen the brand you already have. The services we provide will respect your brand's integrity while incorporating it into everything we do.

What's in a name? At OMOTUS, we believe your company deserves a name that fits both the products and services sold, and the people who sell them. We will work with you to develop a naming strategy as part of any new branding process.

Corporate Identity
Identity is the face of your company. The logo, the colors, and the fonts used in your marketing materials are all designed to help your customer learn and remember who you are. Eventually, when they see your logo, an emotion will be invoked, and that emotion is your brand. Formula will make sure the feeling is a good one.

Product Identity
As important as a name and logo are for a company, the same is true for the products the company sells. OMOTUS believes that packaging is much more than just the package. We believe what's on the outside must contain the essence of what's on the inside. Packaging is the ultimate and final branding opportunity, so it better be a good one.

Even in this digital age, most companies still use print as their main tool to communicate with customers. From business collateral to billboards and magazines, print is everywhere. OMOTUS has maintained a tradition of creating high quality branded print projects to go along with their digital solutions.

Business Collateral
We pay close attention to your goals and make sure your customers get the message. At OMOTUS, we believe business cards and annual reports can do more than just communicate information. Sometimes you need a little something extra.

Packaging and Marketing Materials

Your product is special. You know this. We know this. At OMOTUS, we make sure your customers know it too. No package is better than the product contained inside, but OMOTUS believes first impressions make a difference. We'll make the most of every opportunity to engage your customers, from bags to tags and everything in between.

Branding Print Projects
Using our process, OMOTUS can provide branded solutions in almost any format. Advertisements, brochures, catalogs, cd-roms, magazines, menus, posters, press kits, signage, and trade show graphics are just a few. Of course, attention to detail and brand is always a must. Please, take a look at some samples of our work.